Virginia “Ginni” Brazaitis

Personal Trainer Ginni Brazitis earned her Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology, and Master of Arts degree in teaching (physical and health education), from James Madison University. She is certified in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and in CPR/AED/first aid through the American Red Cross. Her experience includes teaching physical education and health at public high schools in Hawaii.

As a former teacher, Ginni has the patience and motivational skills needed to help members achieve their biggest fitness goals. She specializes in circuit training, where variety is essential. Ginni focuses on keeping heart rate elevated during strength training sessions for an efficient workout. Her main concern is always injury prevention; she is also skilled at helping members overcome the challenges of post-rehabilitation.

Ginni has played field hockey since she was 8 years old and continues to participate recreationally. She was a member of the Waikiki Beach Boys outrigger canoe paddling club before returning to New Jersey.

Fun fact: Ginni lived in Hawaii for seven years where she competed twice in the world championship outrigger canoe paddling 42-mile race, Na Wahine O Kei Kai.

Despite enduring difficulties from hip issues, Ginni has remained physically active with the help of physical therapists. This experience inspired her to help those struggling with physical difficulties to reach their full potential.

What Ginni’s Clients Say:

I signed up for training sessions with Ginni, knowing I had to relocate three months later. I wanted to get in better shape, and learn exercises and strength training tips I could do on my own after my move. Ginni was instrumental in helping me meet those goals. She was patient. She was easy to work with, yet continuously challenged me to try harder. Ginni was a great motivator. I looked forward to each session. I never thought I’d be excited about working out. She completely prepared me to continue my fitness routine once I moved. The best part: The multiple inches and 8.5 percent body fat I lost in just three months. Thanks, Ginni. You’re awesome!

-Jennifer Wilson

Ginny is the best! She listens to my concerns and areas I want to focus on during my workout. Then, she tailors the training sessions to target those goals. Most recently, I joined the Aquakinetics program. It is wonderful. She continuously updates the program, which keeps the sessions fresh and fun! Ginny is flexible with scheduling, always prepared, and very professional. My husband loves my results so much he may become her client, too!

-Pat D

I returned to the Center after knee surgery. I was overweight and extremely out of shape. I decided to use a trainer. By working with Ginni over 10 months, I lost about 40 pounds. I can run again, and have completed four 5K races. My new goal is to compete in a sprint triathlon. Ginni created a program to help me meet that goal (but the weather did not cooperate). I succeeded with my weight loss goals. I feel better about myself. Ginni is truly a great asset to the Center.

-Jason Kelly

Ginni is a great trainer! She really listened to my concerns, and tailored each training session to meet my needs. She motivated me to become active again.

-Vanessa B

Ginni is great! I started Aquakinetics with Ginni to ease my way back into the Center after two injuries that required surgery. She helped me move beyond my fears and relearn to challenge myself. I was surprised at how effectively Aquakinetics sculpts and tones the body. My nurse evaluation showed I gained five pounds of lean body mass and lost three percent of my body fat. Ginni is very knowledgeable. She keeps me motivated, and is fun on the Fitness Floor. Everyone should try an Aquakinetics demo!

-Donna W

I’m 67 years young. I was afraid of the Center because I thought it was for youngsters. Ginny taught me you can achieve your fitness goals no matter what your age or limitations. She is patient, explains everything so it’s truly understandable, and listens to your concerns and fitness goals to develop a customized fitness program. I’ve been a gym member for years. However, I was never consistent until I met Ginny.

-Brenda Christian

Lisa TomasettiSince working with Ginni, I have improved my overall health, losing inches before the actual weight began to drop. Ginni has been very encouraging. She pays attention to my health issues to ensure productive workouts that do not hinder my health. Ginni motivates me to stay in shape and remain as healthy as possible.

-Lisa Tomasetti

I started training with Virginia (Ginni) over a year ago. I wanted to get stronger and lose weight before my knee surgery. I had many medical issues, including pain from Fibromyalgia. She took everything into consideration. I was afraid, but she helped me conquer my fear. Ginni encouraged me. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. She was patient and caring. She helped me lose 50 pounds, and get fit and strong before my surgery. I could not have gotten through surgery and recovery without first training with Ginni. I just finished physical therapy and started the Wellness Program with her. I know with her help and guidance I will achieve my fitness goals again. Ginni is a knowledgeable, patient trainer who listens to your needs and guides you to accomplish your goals. I highly recommend her to all.

-Damaris Bermeo

Physical limitations kept me from accomplishing my weight loss, fitness, and health goals in the past. I have been working with Ginni for about 10 months. Ginni knows firsthand about the difficulties of overcoming physical pain and inertia. She has been able to help me reach my goals. She created custom workout routines for the Fitness Floor and pool to help me overcome difficulties imposed by my limitations. Thanks to her, I lost 15 pounds, several inches, and about 11 percent of my body fat. I’m looking forward to rejoining her Aquakinetics class this fall. When I turn 50 years old in a few months, I’ll be in the best shape I have ever been.

-Stephanie McAleer

Throughout my life, I have worked with a few trainers. So far, I’ve had the best experience with Ginni. She takes time to learn my personal training needs. She assures I accomplish a total-body workout. She focus on different muscles at each session. She assures I use proper form to prevent injuries and get maximum results.Ginni is patient with my ever-changing work schedule, and even accommodates me as late as 9:00pm. We discuss nutrition and lifestyle habits as well.She knows my fitness needs better than anyone.

-Mekhala Mathure

Ginny listens and designs my personal training program with my needs as a priority. She gave me the free demo of Aquakinetics and I am hooked. I can work hard and not feel it later in my 60-year-old joints. I never liked physical exercise. I particularly hated the soreness after the workout. I do not experience pain with the Aquakinetics program, and am now addicted to it. I recommend it to all ages. I joined the Center simply to be able to carry groceries, do housework, and such. My strength has improved tremendously. I not only have energy and strength now for chores but also for entertainment and recreation. My experience with Ginny has improved my life. When I don’t get to the Center, I crave my Aquakinetics workout the way I used to crave cigarettes. Ginny is always upbeat and motivating. She should be recognized for her outstanding work and dedication.

-Therese Hazelett

I have been training with Ginni for about a year. She listens to my concerns and objectives, and has been very good at keeping me motivated. Ginni switches up my routines so I continuously accomplish a challenging full-body workout. She genuinely cares about helping me get fit and healthy. Ginni is the reason I continue personal training.

-Sheryl Forbes

susan-knaufAs a Center member since 2010, I have taken many classes and worked with trainers after finishing cardiac rehab. Although I would like to return to more strength and cardio classes, I have some limitations. This led me to work one-on-one with a personal trainer. Ginni provides the guidance I need to safely grow stronger and improve my balance. I also have participated in her Aquakinetics classes, and intend to sign up for them again. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

-Susan Knauf

I am thrilled to have Virginia “Ginny” as my personal trainer. She listens to my fitness and wellness concerns to create appropriate workouts. She is thorough and knowledgeable, especially in our Aquakinetics sessions. Recently, I sprained my knee. Ginny customized my fitness sessions to accommodate my injury. The Center nurse and Ginny demonstrated my success during our routine evaluations. I give many thanks to my trainer for these results. With Ginny’s help, I’m excited about more great progress in the future.

-Robert Vega

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