Adalia Lemus

New Brunswick

Adalia Lemus earned her personal training certification through the World Instructor Training Schools. She specializes in fitness programs that increase strength and improve everyday functionality. Adalia also is skilled at helping achieve and maintain weight loss. She is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

She always has been active and loves to exercise. She was a high school volleyball player, and previously worked as a fitness instructor. Personal Trainer Adalia Lemus enjoys her time on the Fitness Floor to help members discover their passion for fitness and its many benefits.

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Adalia’s Success Stories

Dani Spielman

I tried multiple weight loss programs. I would lose weight quickly until the moment I stopped the diet. Then, I would gain back all the weight. I realized exercise needed to be an integral part of my life, but I hated exercising. Having struggled with a torn ACL and its recovery, I was scared to return to my old gym. When I joined the Center, I met Adalia. After one session with her, I felt happy; I felt sore; I felt muscles I never knew existed. However, I was having fun. I no longer viewed exercising as scary because I knew Adalia had my back. There were times when I “fell off the wagon.” Adalia made sure I got back on. After five months of training with her, I lost 20 pounds and two dress sizes. I know a lot was due to me. However, the sustainability of my weight loss is definitely thanks to her. Now, I not only consider Adalia as my trainer but also my friend.

Radhika Shah

I have been training with Adalia for about five months. I wish I started sooner. In the past, I lost weight with crash diets and intense cardio. However, it was not sustainable. Adalia helped me change that! She made working out a fun experience rather than something dreadful. Already, I lost 20 pounds and feel stronger, fitter, and slimmer than ever before!



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