Garrett Andren

New Brunswick

Personal Trainer Garrett Andren earned his Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science applied kinesiology from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. He is a certified personal trainer through the World Instructor Training Schools.

He creates customized workouts to meet the needs of the Center’s diverse membership. Garrett strives to help his clients create the best quality-of-life through a commitment to fitness. Two years spent in a physical therapy office provided him insight on how to excel on the Exercise Floor while avoiding injuries. Garrett prides himself on remaining current in the fitness field through extensive research, which benefits all those he helps.

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Garrett’ Success Stories

Susan Boscarino

I love working with Garrett. From the start, he asked about my fitness goals and instituted an exercise regimen that helps me get stronger and more fit with each workout. Garrett is a thoughtful listener, and adjusts workouts to fit my needs. I never had a trainer who knew so much about anatomy and how the body works. This information is extremely useful. It helps me adjust my form to make my workouts more efficient. Our training sessions are varied and fun. I especially like the way he adjusts the weight and reps to challenge me. As we add weights or reps, I see how far I have progressed. This is so motivating. I lost around 20 pounds and two sizes. Garrett is my healthy lifestyle partner. I highly recommend him as a trainer.

Jon Lurie

Garrett is the best trainer I ever had. He is very thorough in his preparation for our sessions. He contacted my physician to establish limits based on my prior orthopedic history. Then, he customized a series of workout sessions that have slowly but surely expanded in difficulty. He is detailed in his instructions. Garrett stays with me each step of the way. Although he is young enough to be my grandson, he never lets me go easy. After only eight sessions, we both see the difference. However, it is not all sweat and strain. We talk about our family, my children and grandchildren, and future plans, including his approaching new parenthood. I have no doubt that all the Center’s personal trainers are excellent. But for me, Garrett stands out. I think he is super!

Christine Rivero

Garrett has been my trainer for a few months. Upon meeting him, we discussed my personal fitness goals. He implemented a customized comprehensive fitness plan for me, which includes cardio and strength training. He is always prepared, and always has a positive attitude. Training with him has encouraged me to work out more often. I feel much stronger. He makes it challenging and, more importantly, he makes it fun. Garrett is hard-working. He is one of the best personal trainers with whom I have ever worked. I’m impressed with his level of integrity. He’s great!



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