Jennifer Mulcahy

New Brunswick

Through her own quest for a healthy weight, Jennifer provides members unique insight on how to obtain their healthiest self. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from Bucknell University, and her Master of Science degree in occupational safety and health engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She is a certified personal trainer and health coach from the American Council on Exercise.

A lifelong exerciser, Jennifer believes in taking a long-term approach to accomplish a healthy lifestyle. She focuses on methodical, calculated fitness plans to yield success that develops into a lifestyle rather than a passing trend.

Jennifer specializes in weight training and high-intensity interval programs. She loves to help her clients meet fitness goals through customized training sessions.

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Jennifer’s Success Stories

Angela Jordan

Jen created a fitness plan that targets my core. She listened carefully to my concerns, and formulated the plan to get me the best results. It’s working! Her weekly emails are extremely helpful. Whenever I encounter her in the Center, she is always incredibly helpful. She answers any questions or concerns I have. Her personality is awesome! I recommend Jen for personal training.

Elinore Ehrlich

Jennifer focuses on my fitness goals and helps me understand how the exercises relate to each muscle group. Between our training sessions, I am able to continue to work toward better total-body fitness. I had several trainers at the Center. They all were very good. However, I find Jen is the best.

Ira Cohen

I have been training with Jennifer for several months, during which I have learned a great deal about my abilities and limitations. She regularly challenges me to try new exercises and equipment I would otherwise avoid. She also has trained with me in the pool using Aquakinetics workouts. She is a wonderful person with a great personality. Most importantly, she is a great trainer who cares about her clients and their fitness needs. Jennifer also seems committed to the Center for the long haul as a career.

Nadia Ansari

Jen has been thorough and helpful since our first training session. She has helped me accomplish my goals for living a healthy lifestyle, both at the Center and beyond. Jen always challenges me to work and train harder. At times, she knows my abilities and strengths better than I do!



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