Kristine Perez

Personal Training Manager

Kristine earned dual Master of Science degrees in exercise science, with a concentration in physical activity and health, from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Norway and the Foro Italico University of Rome. She is a board-certified exercise physiologist through the American Society of Exercise Physiologists, and Basic Life Support provider with CPR certification from the American Heart Association.

She creates invigorating fitness routines, incorporating a healthy dose of fun. Her individually tailored workouts increase strength and endurance, and accomplish weight loss goals.

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Kristine specializes in helping members with health issues exercise safely and effectively. She works with a wide range of clients, focusing on disease prevention, post-rehabilitation, and coping with chronic illness. Kristine motivates toward behavioral change to help her clients commit to fitness and all it can do for the body and mind.

She is excited to help you discover your best self.

Kristine’s Success Stories

Aret R.

For over 10 years, I suffered from tendinitis pain in both my shoulders. Previous treatments and therapies did not have a lasting effect. In October, I started working out with Kristine. She developed an exercise routine that strengthened the muscles surrounding my shoulders. By mid-December, I was pain-free. It is exhilarating to be able to remove my sweater without any pain and sleep comfortably at night. Kristine is very skilled and knowledgeable. She is a focused personal trainer. Her training routines are effective, interesting, and fun. After three months of working with Kristine, I feel strong, energetic, and rejuvenated. She is my hero.

Eileen Rios-Abdallah

I decided this would be the year I would get fit. I couldn’t remember the last time I was in a gym. Trainer Kristine helped me realize I could attain my fitness goals, even if they seemed daunting. It had been three years since my shoulder surgery, but I was still concerned certain exercises would hurt. She helped me modify exercises and regain significant range-of-motion that was lost. After working with her for a week, I felt stronger and less tired. Already, I saw physical changes. Kristine provided constant support and encouragement. I’m truly grateful.



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