Nika Vasquez

Nika Vasquez is a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where she is also certified as a corrective exercise specialist. After a long career in the corporate world, Nika left to pursue her dream of helping others become healthier through fitness. She is also fluent in Spanish.
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Her experience in the business world provided an opportunity to work with diverse groups of people. This is useful at the Center where Nika enjoys training members from all walks of life. She is detail oriented in her approach to training, assuring everything from posture to body alignment works in unison with each exercise. Personal Trainer Nika Vasquez’s goal is to make each training session fun, filled with as much laughter as sweat. She specializes in women’s fitness.

Nika loves to teach. Having a positive impact on the lives of others is her ultimate reward.

Nika’s Success Stories

Beth Stevens

Nika is a tremendously talented trainer. I worked with several trainers and numerous physical therapists over the years. Nika is one of the best. She has in-depth knowledge of anatomy and exercise techniques. She is a terrific communicator. She clearly explains the focus of each exercise and how it works. I have learned an incredible amount from Nika, which will help me maintain my fitness level as I age. She is a warm, lively person who makes training sessions enjoyable while remaining an intense, productive experience. I highly recommend Nika.

Fernanda Perrone

I have been training with Nika for over a year. She is an extremely professional, focused trainer. Nika is knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and health. She pays close attention to every detail. I’ve learned so much about my body (and life in general!) from Nika, including increasing balance, flexibility, and upper-body strength after a back injury. And, she has a great sense of humor!

Karen Lenard

I just began my journey back to fitness with Nika. In a word, Nika rocks! Historically, I was athletic and very active in a variety of outdoor activities. In 2006, I stopped exercising due to autoimmune issues that have since resolved. In 2008, I was in a motorcycle accident that left me on crutches for almost three years. During that time, we learned I have arthrofibrosis, which left me disabled for approximately seven years. Now, I am trying to regain my old fitness level. One of the effects of the injuries and resulting arthrofibrosis was a significant difference in strength and range-of-motion between my left and right sides. Nika addresses this difference, and includes exercises in my workout to directly affect this unevenness. She has been very positive and fun. She challenges me to my limit but never beyond. She customized a fitness routine that works me hard but not beyond what I should do. She doesn’t coddle me, but makes sure I am not overextended. She closely monitors my form, helping me get the most from each movement. Nika has a wonderful energy. She clearly enjoys what she does, and has an expert level of knowledge. I finish my training sessions feeling motivated and jazzed about getting back in shape.

Yasmel Amparo

I only have good words to say about my trainer, Nika. Since starting with her in March, it has been wonderful. I lost 20 pounds. She motivates me, always inspiring me to do better. She clearly knows what she is doing, and helps me achieve my fitness goals. She weighs me weekly, which helps me stay on task.

Bill Eisenring

Nika has been my personal trainer for almost a year. As a certified USA Track and Field coach, I have substantial knowledge of physiology and current training techniques. Nika uses her knowledge and skills to incorporate scientifically supported exercises into her training sessions. She customizes sessions based on her clients’ overall abilities, and adjusts them to accommodate shifts on any given day. She refuses to give the same workout twice. This results in real progress, not simply becoming good at a specific workout or exercise.

Richard Blumstein

I’ve been training with Nika for several years. She deeply cares about her clients and the success of their fitness goals. She has helped me minimize my lower back issues. She also has incorporated exercises to increase strength and flexibility throughout my body. She does her homework—each session is customized to the specific needs of her clients. She is very hands-on, continuously monitoring my movements and providing feedback while we train together. She motivates me to exercise and improve my overall health. She is very professional. I highly recommend Nika to others who are looking for an excellent personal trainer. It is hard to find someone who is both talented at her craft and very caring. Nika is that person.



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