As 2022 has ended, I would like to thank all the staff at the Center and share a little about my personal experience with my trainer Marleny.

Like so many people, I decided to take charge of my health and well-being to ward against aging, so I enrolled at the Center. Next, I decided to commit to myself and work with a trainer. Although there are many talented trainers at the facility, none resonated with me more than Marleny. After reading her bio, reviewing her certifications, and witnessing her in action training and working out, the display showed me her commitment to herself and her clients. I knew that she was the trainer for me. Lenny, as she’s called, hands down, has to be, at least for me, trainer of the year. She’s been instrumental in helping me gain strength, flexibility, and my overall physique and is very informative and helpful when I’ve had questions about health or nutrition. She practices what she preaches and motivates by example. Tier 2 trainer, Marleny, aka Lenny, and RWJ NB, have been an absolute game changer in my life, and as a grateful member, I’d like to share that they both come highly recommended when you decide to take charge of your health!

Thank you both, especially Marleny, for everything!