I’ve been coming to this facility for a while now, and I believe this year will mark the second anniversary of my membership. Not one day in those nearly two years have I had a bad experience, and that’s because of the excellent trainers that do everything in their power to help you be a better you. All the trainers are great, but Tymel specifically gave me the support I need to give it my all. Now keep in mind, I recognize that I’m not the easiest client: I whine. I complain. I cry. And I could be described as “dramatic,” if you will. So the training sessions are certainly not an easy task for me. However, despite everything in me wanting to give up and fall to the ground in failure, Tymel is always there to pick me up and keep me grounded on my feet. He not only motivates me through his encouraging words of advice, but he ensures that I get the most out of every single workout, whether that be him doing the exercise with me to demonstrate the correct form or adjusting the exercise to accommodate my current fitness level. What stuck out to me the most was when Tymel went above and beyond to help me overcome my fear of falling. In my fear of breaking another bone from falling backward, I was terrified of particular routines that require that specific motion. Tymel’s patience and empathy gave me the courage to release my nervousness and take on the task in full force. I never would’ve imagined I could feel this powerful and strong without Tymel’s help. I am physically fitter than I was (not to brag, but I am nearly 50 pounds lighter!) and more mentally fit. I’m a work in progress, but I can confidently say I’m a better version of myself. Thank you, Tymel, for helping me achieve that, and just in case I don’t say it enough… you’re the best!.